Xiaomi Soundbar 3.1 Channel Review

Xiaomi soundbar 3.1 ch Review

Xiaomi’s soundbar product has been relaunched. Xiaomi Soundbar 3.1ch, features a wireless connection, Dolby Audio, 3D Sound and Powerful surrond sound. It normally delivers a weaker sound than other soundbars that employ a wireless connection. The sound quality of this Soundbar is excellent.

Xiaomi Soundbar 3.1ch Review

The soundbar was first introduced as part of the Xiaomi Smart Living ecosystem in November 2021. This is the first device of its sort on the global market. This soundbar has a smart LED display panel that provides device status and supports one-touch NFC pairing. The top of the device has a connection switch, a power button, and a volume control.

Xiaomi soundbar 3.1 ch NFC


A 6.5-inch subwoofer plus a soundbar make up the Xiaomi Soundbar 3.1ch. You can also set your subwoofer wherever, thanks to the wireless connection—no more cords.

For a more robust sound output, this Soundbar supports Dolby audio and DTS Virtual X. The 3.1ch soundbar has a total output of 430 watts, which is split between the subwoofer and the soundbar.

Xiaomi soundbar 3.1 ch Features

A USB port, as well as coaxial, optical, and HDMI input/output ports, are included in audio equipment. For speedier communications, this soundbar also supports Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC. The front speaker grille has an OLED dot-matrix display incorporated into it. Don’t forget about the wall mount and remote control brackets. Only black is offered for the soundbar and subwoofer.

4 Audio Mode

Xiaomi soundbar 3.1 ch Modes

There are also several Audio modes to consider. Music, Movies, News, and Games are the four modes accessible. The AI Sound mode is another intriguing feature of the Xiaomi Soundbar 3.1ch. Using artificial intelligence, the soundbar can alter the sound output directly in response to the content played in this mode. Additionally, there is a Night mode that automatically adjusts the level while you watch at night so that the sound does not disturb others.

How to Buy Xiaomi SoundBar 3.1 Channel in Nepal?

Xiaomi SoundBar 3.1 Channel is available at a variety of stores in Nepal. Having a choice is beneficial, but deciding on the best option can be difficult. SoundBar can be ordered from JujuKart and delivered between 3 to 48 hours, depending on your region.

SoundBarPrice in Nepal (Official)
Xiaomi SoundBar 3.1 ChannelNPR 45,5000

For less than Rs 46000, the Xiaomi Soundbar 3.1ch provides a good package. The sound is a little inconsistent in the highs, but it’s big and has a nice bass thanks to the subwoofer. The many modes, on the other hand, would not have been necessary because they tend to make the sound worse. The AI sound does the same thing, switching between modes at random. The soundbar, on the other hand, is more than adequate for enhanced TV sound and occasional music listening.

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