Amazfit Falcon smartwatch Full review


When Amazfit launched their Falcon smartwatch with rugged activity, it was a big surprise. This smartwatch has a lot to offer, like tracking body monitoring, a big screen, and a battery that works well. Over and above the T-rex 2 smartwatch, the Amazfit Falcon is said to be inspired by the T-rex series. But they are built to look better and are made of better materials. So, Falcon is a smartwatch that is better than the T-rex series.

Amazfit Falcon Design and Interface :-

Amazfit Falcon Battery performance :-

The high capacity (Rated value) battery that comes with the Amazfit Falcon smartwatch is 500 mAH. A fully charged battery will last for 30 days if you don’t use GPS mode or do other things in it. With everyday use, the battery can last up to 7 days. With a high Accuracy, it stays for only 21 hours. The smartwatch has a mode that helps save power and makes it easy to switch to emergency mode. It helps you reach your goals in two weeks, according to the brand. Do more with what you have.

Fitness Tracking and Health monitor :-

They were the best AI-powered sports tips that the Amazfit Zepp coach app had to offer. The app’s algorithm keeps track of what sports you do and helps you train or get better more efficiently. They say that it should have more than one sport mode for fitness, like 150+ sports modes that include cycling, running, walking, football, yoga, and other everyday activities. The Zepp coach is an Ai-tool that can be used by itself. It was made by Amazfit Brand.
At first, the app asked for permission to see things about your body, like whether you were male or female. After looking at your body’s shape and other features, they suggested workouts and exercises that would be good for you. The advice given is made just for you.

The Zepp Coach app keeps track of your fitness level or body temperature. In the Zepp fitness app, you can see different parts of each sensor, such as a blood oximeter, sensors that analyze how you breathe, and a dashboard for more sensors. The heart rate sensor works perfectly all the time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When your blood level goes up or down, the blood-oximeter sensor will let you know. Sleep monitoring sensors look at how well you sleep.

The Zepp Coach fitness app is based on how well you know how to work out. It pushes you to keep working on yourself, learn new things, and gain confidence. You can always make a plan to reach your goals. The app makes it easier for you to reach your goals.

Amazfit Falcon Waterproof certified:-

The swimming you can always wear an Amazfit Falcon smartwatch. The strength of the smartwatch is safe in every water situation like jet skilling and more activities. The smartwatch is powered by 20 ATM waterproof resistance which means 200 meters of water pressure they can acquire. No one part of the smartwatch was damaged during water activities.

Connectivity and other features :-

The smartwatch is offering multiple features to satisfy the user’s experience. The GPS mode are showing accurate data and finds the best route with the help of GPS tracking. The Bluetooth calling feature helps to connect. Without it, the smartwatch is providing different types of beautiful watch faces with different colors.

Amazfit Falcon specifications:-
  • Built-in with strength and lightweight.
  • Premium material used to run longer time.
  • Sapphire glass protection.
  • Built with titanium and titanium alloy.
  • Easily control mode during workouts.

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