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Xiaomi put its new smart band on the market around the world a few days ago. For the first time in the history of the Xiaomi Mi Band line, the Band 7 and Band 7 Pro came out at the same time. The Pro version is more like a smart watch, but the vanilla version is a traditional smart band for people who want a great device at a great price that can track their physical activity. The Amazfit Band 7 by Huami, which is a subsidiary of Xiaomi, came out last month. It has a similar look to the Xiaomi Band 7 Pro. Now, since the Amazfit is so cheap, a lot of people are wondering if they should buy the new Xiaomi smart band or the one from Huami. This article compares the features of the Xiaomi Band 7 and the Amazfit Band 7, which should help you decide which of these two wearables is the best deal for your money.

Design and display

The most beautiful design is on the Xiaomi Band 7. Because the screen is smaller and oval-shaped, it looks and feels more like a band and is more compact. It is one of the most beautiful smart bands you can buy. The part in the middle fits perfectly in the band without going beyond its edges. This is one reason why it is very ergonomic. Instead, the Amazfit Band 7 has a rectangular screen, which makes it look more square and less attractive. Both devices have silicone straps that come in different colors, and they are waterproof up to 5 ATM (or 50 meters).

They don’t have a physical button because you can control them with a touch screen. The sensors are on the back, so you can’t see them when you’re wearing them. In terms of the screen, the Amazfit Band 7 is easier to use because its rectangular panel is wider. The Xiaomi Band 7 has a very high pixel density, but its screen is smaller, so it’s better for people who don’t need it for everything and would rather see all their data in the official app. Both wearables have AMOLED displays that show bright colors and deeper blacks. However, an AMOLED display makes more sense on the Amazfit device because it can show watch faces with more information.

Even though they have different software, the Amazfit Band 7 and the Xiaomi Band 7 have a lot in common. With a PPG sensor, they can keep an eye on the heart rate and the SpO2 level all day long. They can also keep track of your menstrual cycle and sleep in a very advanced way. But the Amazfit Band 7 has something extra: it can track your stress all day. This is important for people who want to keep careful track of their health.

In the Chinese version, the Xiaomi wearable has 120 sports modes, while the global version has 110 sports modes. It can automatically detect five sports modes. The Amazfit Band 7 can track up to 120 different kinds of physical activities, and it can figure out four activities on its own. Since there is no NFC support, you can’t use these devices to pay with your credit card without touching it. Also, they don’t come with a GPS module, but they can track physical activity by using the GPS from a connected phone. Both the Amazfit Band 7 and the Xiaomi Band 7 have Bluetooth 5.2 and can connect to both Android and iPhone phones.


If you know anything about batteries, you can tell just by looking at these two devices which one has the longer battery life. Since the Xiaomi Band 7 is smaller, it makes sense that its battery life would be shorter. It can work for up to 14 days on a single charge, while the Amazfit Band 7 can work for up to 18 days. After all, the Huami wearable has a battery that is 232 mAh bigger than the Xiaomi’s, which is only 180 mAh.

Use Voucher Code : REVIEWLEKH-Band 7

For Amazfit band 7 Special Extra Discounts

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